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Our Kid Strings (for ages 3 - 6) and Primo Violins (for ages 6 - 10) programs permit meaningful instruction to take place in a way that retains the child's fascination with music, while also imparting real playing skills that will last a lifetime.

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Masters Degree in Music
with a Mother's Touch

Instructor Valerie Rumpf draws not only from her knowledge and experience as a professional player and composer, but also utilizes the wealth of skills she has developed as a music teacher to children and adults over the past 25 years  -     plus she's a mom with a mom's insight into a child's thinking and feelings.

Each Child is an Individual

While some teachers shy away from the challenge of teaching the young in their most inquisitive and fastest-learning years, we believe that the limit to a child's learning music relates more to the methods used and the attitude in which it is approached.
 Each child is unique and capable of learning far more than many adults will accept.  While progress rates may vary from child to child, the magic appeal of music is universal. 
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All young children will learn something: why not the joy of music?
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class ages
Kid Strings individual; as arranged with instructor
ages 4 - 6


All sessions
are 10 weeks long. 

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