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The Magnum Violins - for Today's Taller Players
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Normal Full 4/4 size
 for players 5'0" to 5'4"

Magnum 5/4 size
 for players 5'5" to 6'2"

Super Magnum 6/4 size
 for players 6'2"+
Ever wonder why most world-class violinists are not very tall?

Consider this:  when Stradivari, most famous violin maker of all time, was building his wonderful violins, he built them to fit his customers so they could easily play well.  During the golden age of violin building in Cremona, Italy, the height of the average male was around 5' 4.  Today the average male from the same area is 5'9 - about 8% taller than Stradivari's customers. And in this country we regularly find teenagers well over 6'.

  It's no wonder that if you play violin and you are over 5'5, you sometimes feel restricted by an instrument that for some reason feels too small because it is!  We are bigger, but the instruments' dimensions haven't change in nearly  300 years.   All to often today's aspiring violinists who are taller are simply told, "Just play viola; violins are too small for you to ever play well."

The Magnum Series of violins is designed for today's taller players. They have been scaled up to make them play and feel in the hands of today's players like the ones originally built by Mr. Strad felt in the hands of his somewhat shorter customers. 
Several advantages become evident:  it simply feels better and plays easier in the hands of the taller (over 5'5) players.

But that's not all.  The G string has always been somewhat of a challenge to sound as full as the upper strings.  Now add the increased volume of the larger body cavity, and the G literally blooms like never before. What about the other end, the E?  With a slightly longer vibrating length, physics tends to eliminate some of those irritating  high overtones  that detract from the beauty of playing passages in very high position.  It's a win on both ends.

Magnum Violins are available in 2 sizes to fit the height range of taller players: 5/4 Magnum violin for players 5'6" to 6'2", and the 6/4 Super Magnum for players taller than 6'2".

All of this would mean nothing if they were not affordable to the average beginner or advancing player.  Are they built in China?  Of course they are, from quality seasoned tone woods.  But the final setup is done in our shop in downtown Niles, MI.  Each one is individually play-tested by me (6' tall, playing for over 50 years) to be sure that everything is as it should be.

Available in Beginner Primo level ($199.00) with more robust construction and little or no flaming in the maple, step-up Prodigio level ($399.00),  advanced Artista level ($895.00), and the outstanding Guarneri "Lord Wilton" replica ($995.00).  Primo and Prodigio Magnum violins are also available for 12 month pre-paid rental with $25 contract buyout at end of term.
 6 month payment plan at no interest charges available through PayPal Credit (with approved credit).

Primo Magnum violins

Prodigio Magnum violins

Artista Magnum violins

Guarneri "Lord Wilton"
Magnum violins

Ideal Beginner Instrument.
Robust construction with
 solid spruce top,
back/ribs/neck seasoned
maple with very
little flaming; ebony
fittings.  With brazilwood
bow, case, rosin,
 and Artino shoulder rest.

Primo Magnum Violins
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Primo Magnum Violins
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Better-grade seasoned tone
woods, spruce top, maple
back/ribs/neck with beautiful flaming; ebony fittings.
 Potential lifetime violin.
 With graphite composite bow,
 plywood case, rosin,
  and Artino shoulder rest.

Prodigio Magnum Violins Purchase
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Prodigio Magnum
Annual Rental
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Incredible value, a step up from any other "step-up."
Warm and responsive.  Very good grade seasoned tone woods, hand graduated top spruce plate, beautifully flamed maple back/ribs/neck, hand carved detailed fittings, hand-applied varnish.  With braided carbon fiber bow, rosin and plywood case.
Artiste Magnum violins
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Scaled-up precise replica of the famous Guarneri "Lord Wilton" violin.  Advanced instrument at an affordable price.  Hand applied antiqued varnish finish, with braided carbon fiber bow and professional case.  For the more demanding violinist who needs top level performance.

Lord Wilton Magnum Violins
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